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Our Menu


$7.50Fried Chicken Skins

Gluten Free

Served with our Ranchero Sauce

$5.00Potatoes Chips

Fresh cooked potatoes chips sprinkled with our Gaucho Dust.

$7.50Papas Mole

A blend of red, purple, white and sweet, deep fried & tossed with our mole sauce, cojita chesse and green onion.

$7.50Mole Fries

House cut fries smothered in our own authentic mole sauce * Cotija cheese

$10.50Sweet Potato Quesadilla

Sweet potato, green chilies and queso fresco.

$6.50Duck Tamale

One tamale stuffed with slow cooked duck , topped with adobo, cojita cheese and rainsin salsa.

$11.50Pork Verde Taquitos

Gluten Free

Three rolled taquitos in corn blue tortillas with pork verde and queso fresco

$11.00Atomic Nachos

Gluten Free

fresh corn chips topped with vegetable chorizo, smothered in house made cheese sauce and oaxaca cheese. Garnished with roasted jalapenos and sweet peppers. Add pulled pork $4.-

$12.00Clams Verde

Gluten Free

1 lb. of clams steamed with cilantro garlic butter


$8.50Simple Greens

topped with choise of house vinagrette, blue chesse dressing, citrus chipotle or creamy ranchero. dressing are home made. Ask for more options.

$8.50The Wedge

A wedge of iceberg lettuce, topped with bleu cheese dressing, crumbles, pickeld red onionand tomato.
With pork bacon add - $2.00 | With duck bacon add - $3.75

$9.50SouthWest Caesar Salad

Romanie lettuce tossed with our homa made Caesar dressing, topped with cojita chesses and toasted cornbread crumbles. Add Grilled Chiken for $4.75

Buck's Original Recipies

The Original Recipies of Buck's  (Tim Buckingham) in a professional presentation.

$21.00Buck's Meat Loaf

Buck's Buffalo Meat Loaf smothered with our black onion gravy, Medley mashed potatoes & braised greens.

$19.00Buffalo Enchilada

Large epazote crepe filled wit slow cooked buffalo with spices, green chilies and queso fresco, topped with adobo sauce. Served with rice and beans.

$29.00Lamb Shank

Slow cooked in adobo and wrapped in banana leaves until tender, topped with chimichurri aioli. Served with rice and braised greens.

$24.00Buck's Trout filet

Bonelles trout filet marinate with achioted aioli sauce, Wrapped in banana leaf and grilled. Served with rice and braised greens.

$19.00Duck Tamales

2 tamalesstuffed with slow cooked duck and goat chesse topped with adobo and raising  salsa. Served with riceand beans.

$19.00Pork Blade Steak

Lightly smoked and grilled, topped with our savory BBQ butter. Served with mashed potato medley and braised greens.

$19.00Buck's Chicken Diablo

Double Chicken breast roasted in adobo sauce, topped with queso fresco and jalapeños, served on blue corn tortilla with rice and braised greens.

$19.00Turkey Mole

Turkey thigh slow cooked until tender with our own oaxacan style mole sauce. Served with rice and braised greens.

Meals in a Bowl

$22.00Elk Stew

Slow cooked pieces of elk in a brown stock with root vegetables, topped with braised greens, mashed potatoes & our white BBQ sauce.

$15.00Buffalo Black Bean Chili

our bold chili is made with 100% buffalo, topped with tortilla strips & sour cream& diced onions

$17.00Buffalo Meatloaf Bowl

served on our macaroni & cheese and topped with black onion gravy

$15.00America Bowl

pulled pork with our chipotle BBQ sauce, served on mac & cheese, topped with fried chicken skins & green onions. Add braised greens $2

$11.00Burrito Bowl

warm flour tortilla topped with rice, black beans, roasted poblanos, adobo sauce & queso fresco.

Add a veggie patty with braised greens & mushrooms, chicken breast, pulled pork, or beef machaca for $4.75

$16.00Southwest Pasta Bowl

Linguine pasta tossed with cilantro pesto & grilled vegetables.

With grilled chicken. Add 4.75

$16.00Mole Bowl

Chose from Grilled Chicken Breast. Or Vegetable Chorizo. Served on fried potato medley with our oaxacan style Mole sauce. Topped with cojita cheese & blue corn chip crumbles.

$15.00Chili Mac Bowl

Our mac & cheese topped with buffalo chili, cojita cheese & green onion

Buck's Burgers

$17.00Moab Burger

Two beef patties, double cheddar, grilled onions, bacon and sharp cheddar cheese sauce.

$14.00Baby Moab

Bacon, grilled onions, cheddar cheese, and sharp cheddar cheese sauce

$14.00Atomic Burger

Sriracha onions, roasted jalapeno & sweet peppers

$15.00Blue Duck Burger

Duck bacon, grilled onions, blue cheese & our white sauce

$16.00Chili Burger

Open faced, smothered with buffalo black bean chili and topped with cheddar cheese & chopped onions

$11.50Basic Burger

Plain burger served with garnish. Additional toppings may be added

$12.00Pulled Pork Sandwich

Smoked pork with our chipotle grilling sauce, with cole slaw and pickles. House cut fries on the side.

Kids' menu

$7.75Kids' Burger

Kid's size burger with house cut fries.

$8.25Kids' Cheese Burger

Kid's size burger with cheddar chesse and house cut fries

$6.75Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese with house cut fries.

$8.75Fried Chicken Strips

Fried Chicken Strips with house cut fries.

$5.50kid's Mac & Cheese

Buck's Desserts

SouthWest style desserts with the Buck's touch

$8.75Bourbon Pecan Pie

A home made pie filled with Pecans, Bourbon and dark corn siroup with whipped cream on the side.

$8.75Flourless Chocolate Cake

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake in infuision with our own roasted expresso coffe, served with home made raspberry sauce and whipped cream

$8.75Blueberry Crisp

Home made blueberry deep with crisp oast on top served with our home made sweet sour cream.