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Our Menu


Fried Chicken Skins$7.50

Gluten Free

Served with our house-made Ranchero Sauce

Potato Chips$5.00

Fresh cooked potato chips sprinkled with our Gaucho Dust.

Pork Belly Quesadilla$10.50

Pork belly, braised greens, and queso fresco.

Vegetable Chorizo Taquitos$11.50

Gluten Free

Three rolled taquitos in corn blue tortillas with our own house-made vegetable chorizo and queso fresco

Clams Verde$12.00

Gluten Free

1 lb. of clams steamed with cilantro garlic butter and served with garlic bread.

Soup of the Season$6.95

Ask your server about the current selection...


Simple Greens$8.50

Lightly tossed with choice of house-made dressings (ranch, vinaigrette, blue cheese dressing, citrus chipotle or creamy ranchero), cucumber, pickled onions, and sweet peppers. 

Add Grilled Chicken for $4.75

Southwest Caesar Salad$9.50

Romaine lettuce tossed with our homemade Caesar dressing, topped with cotija cheese and gluten free toasted cornbread crumbles. Add Grilled Chicken for $4.75

Chef Plates

The Original Recipes of  Chef Buck

Buck's Meatloaf$21.00

Buck's Buffalo Meatloaf smothered with our black onion gravy, smashed red potatoes & braised greens.

Buffalo Enchilada$19.00

Large epazote crepe filled with slow cooked buffalo with spices, green chilies and queso fresco, topped with adobo sauce. Served with rice and beans.

Utah Trout$24.00

Boneless trout filet marinated with achiote aioli sauce, wrapped in banana leaf and grilled. Served with rice and braised greens.

Buck's Chicken Diablo$19.00

Double Chicken breast roasted in adobo sauce, topped with queso fresco and jalapeños, served on blue corn tortilla with rice and braised greens.

Turkey Mole$19.00

Turkey thigh slow cooked until tender with our own oaxacan style mole sauce. Served with rice and braised greens.

Pork Shank$29.00

Smoked then slow cooked. Topped with savory BBQ butter and served with rice and black beans.


Hand-cut 14oz steak, topped with house-made tomato bacon jam and blue cheese. Served with braised greens and smashed red potatoes.

Meals in a Bowl

Elk Stew$22.00

Slow cooked pieces of elk in a brown stock with root vegetables, topped with braised greens, mashed potatoes & our white BBQ sauce.

Buffalo Black Bean Chili$15.00

our bold chili is made with 100% buffalo, topped with tortilla strips & sour cream & diced onions

Buffalo Meatloaf Bowl$17.00

served on our macaroni & cheese and topped with black onion gravy

America Bowl$15.00

pulled pork with our chipotle BBQ sauce, served on mac & cheese, topped with fried chicken skins & green onions. Add braised greens $2

Burrito Bowl$11.00

warm flour tortilla topped with rice, black beans, adobo sauce, jalapenos, & queso fresco.

Add vegetable chorizo or pulled pork for $3.75

Chili Mac Bowl$15.00

Our mac & cheese topped with buffalo chili, cojita cheese & green onion

Barbequed St Louis Ribs

We dry rub our ribs and slow smoke them. They are finished with our own chipotle grilling sauce. Comes with cole slaw and house cut fries.

3 Bone$17.75

6 bone$23.75

9 Bone$30.75

12 Bone $38.75

Buck's Burgers

All sandwiches served on spent grain bun with house cut fries.

Any burgers may be substituted for our house made vegan burger. Add 2.

For a different side:

Sweet Potatoes Fries / Side salad / Mac n Cheese / Braised Greens. Add 2.

Gluten Free Bun. Add 2.


Moab Burger$17.00

Two beef patties, double cheddar, grilled onions, bacon and sharp cheddar cheese sauce.

Baby Moab$14.00

Bacon, grilled onions, cheddar cheese, and sharp cheddar cheese sauce

Atomic Burger$14.00

Sriracha onions, roasted jalapeno & sweet peppers

Blue Duck Burger$15.00

Duck bacon, grilled onions, blue cheese & our white sauce

Chili Burger$16.00

Open faced, smothered with buffalo black bean chili and topped with cheddar cheese & chopped onions

Basic Burger$11.50

Comes with lettuce, pickled onion, sweet peppers & dill pickles

Pulled Pork Sandwich$12.00

Smoked pork with our chipotle grilling sauce, with cole slaw and pickles. House cut fries on the side.

Elk Burger$19.00

A homemade elk patty topped with shalot onions, portabella mushrooms and blue cheese. House cut fries on the side.

Cuban Burger$16.00

Our house-made vegan patty with pickled onions, green onions, sweet peppers, cabbage, and chimichurri aoli.

Kids' menu

Kids' Burger$7.75

4 oz burger with house cut fries.

Kids' Cheese Burger$8.25

4oz burger with cheddar chesse and house cut fries

Grilled Cheese$6.75

Grilled Cheese with house cut fries.

Fried Chicken Strips$8.75

Fried Chicken Strips with house cut fries.

kid's Mac & Cheese$5.50

Chicken and Mac & Cheese$10.75

Fried chicken strips on top of our homemade macaroni and cheese. 

Buck's Desserts

SouthWest style desserts with the Buck's touch

Flourless Chocolate Cake$8.75

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake in infuision with our own roasted expresso coffe, served with home made raspberry sauce and whipped cream

Amaretto flan$8.75

with caramel sauce.

Carrot cake$8.75

Served with dulce de leche cream chesse.

Apple Crisp$8.75

topped with vanilla ice cream